These are the main aircraft of the dark tim empire


X-1 bomber fighterEdit

this is the first of the series it is well built and well armed but it is obsolete

X-2 BomberEdit

this is a bomber it has less anti fighter weapons but more armor and bomb bays

X-2 FighterEdit

this is a fighter it hes less bombs but still it has speed, rockets, lasers and armor

X-2 Heavy transportEdit

this is used to transport tanks/troops to the battlefield quickly

X-3 fighterEdit

this is a improved upon the x-2 with more armor and a hyperdrive

X-3 bomberEdit

this bomber is improved with more armor, guns and 2 medium nuke launchers. it has a hyperdrive

X-3 gunshipEdit

this is a air to land weapon with anti tank rockets and guns. it has improved shields and armor

X-3 heavy tranport/troop transportEdit

this is used to transport tanks/troops to the battlefield quickly. it has a hyperdrive

X-3 prototype quantum stealth figtherEdit

same as X-3 fighter but with quantum stealth

X-3 prototype quantum stealth bomberEdit

same as X-3 bomber but with quantum stealth

Z-1 super bomber/fighterEdit

this is the perfect combination between a bomber and a fighter and this is also Herobrine's personal fighter it has the the same armor material as the eclipse

Z-2 elite bomber/fighterEdit

this is talos his personal fighter it has stronger armor and shielding then the Z-1 and more weapons and speed

Z-3 supreme bomber fighterEdit

this is tims personal fighter. it is made out off quantum armor. it has nuke rockets and lasers