The doomagaddon ship is one of dark tim's high quality ships. The main emp weapon could shut down a (or more) ship's energy or it can focus the emp into one beam. It has a collector on the back just like starkiller base but bigger to power the doomagaddon gun and more. the doomagaddon gun fires a big green laser to a planet. Upon impact the green laser does not destroy the planet. instead it destroys whatever is on the crust of the planet and then bounces off the planet to another planet like a chain reaction until it's out of power to keep itself going. It has 2 green lasers on the left side, two on the right and 4 on front. it also has insane armor and shielding

its size is 1.500 km


  • emp device
  • doomagaddon gun
  • 4 front green laser cannons 
  • 4 side mounted green laser cannons
  • a shitload of torbo laser towers, ion cannons and point laser defence systems (these shoot down incoming missles)